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Swan Mythology and a Special Present for a Vintage Bride


Swan Brooch | 1950's Swan Jewellery | Silver Bird Sculpture | Artisan

At our recent fair at Canberra Handmade I was asked to make a brooch from one of our beautiful swan piece for a customer to gift to her daughter to be added to her wedding bouquet. We were able to make the brooch and received this wonderful feedback:

"Hi Wendy, Just to let you know I had a lovely parcel awaiting me when I came home this afternoon! Thank you so much for your fantastically efficient - & beautiful- service. The brooch is absolutely gorgeous & I know it will be treasured.  best regards Maureen"

Swans are very famous throughout Mythology and hold a special place in Celtic October celebrations : In The Dream of Aengus, the young god saw a woman in his dreams whose name was Caer Ibormeith the Celtic goddess of sleep and dreams. He fell in love with her. Aengus set out to find Caer and discovered that she was more than a dream, but a real person who had been placed under a spell. She and her sisters are transformed into swans every second Samhain and remain in that form until the following Samhain. The Celtic pagan festival of Samhain which falls on 31 October and is the basis for Halloween. 

Hope your October is wonderful!



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