About Us

Bohemian Jewellery | Exotic Statement Jewelry | Unique Statement Costume Pieces

Ghost and Lola hand-sculpt contemporary jewelry for modern day Gypsies and Fashionistas from rare gems and vintage components, offering glamorous and exquisitely detailed hand-crafted one-off creations and limited edition seasonal collections merging a wealth of objects from many places, cultures and eras, vintage and contemporary.

Eclectic, eccentric and elaborate, Ghost and Lola collections draw inspiration from a love of contemporary art and literature, merging the glamorous illusionary charm of the past with the light and dark of nature and myth. The result is a series of directional pieces, non-conformist in vision, glamorous and feminine with a distinct contemporary edge.

Sculptor, Wendy Powitt, draws from her collection of rare vintage crystal & glass stones, dark brooding cameos, decorative chain, lucite, plastic and stainless steel to create lush and elaborate conceptual pieces, abundant, entrancing and engaging on both a visual and cerebral level. 

Our product shows how sustainable fashion can be both fabulous and good for the planet. We are passionate about breathing life and contemporary design into what already exists through creativity, and we encourage others to do so as well. We are based in Byron Bay and would love to share our design and sustainability ethos with you.

Ghost and Lola is found in Boutiques and Art galleries worldwide. We welcome wholesale queries as well as opportunities to exhibit our work or to collaborate with you for an exclusive piece that reflects your personality.