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Art Jewellery | Upcycled | Wedding Necklace | something Different | Boho Luxe

It is always a thrill to work with someone to design that perfect piece for them. In this case, Kate loved our Ishtars Keys necklace, but wanted a version without the dangles and choker length. We discussed and worked together on the design, led by her true vision of what she wanted. Two days later we delivered this gorgeous piece. Kates reaction : Thank you Wendy! love it! Brilliant

Sweet Confessions of Hecates in this Beautiful Necklace

Cross Necklace | Boho-Chic | Sustainable Fashion | Contemporary Jewellery

 A Trinity of Vintage Cross's alight a vintage filigree Oval, bound with blackened lucite beads. A fabulous necklace that can be worn everyday for sweet salvation from all of your sins!

In ancient Greece, a junction of three ways was dedicated to Hecate. The marker of three faces looking in three directions signified her dominion of the three realms of the physical world-sea, sky and earth - and the three phases of the moon, and night with its lunar intimations and terrifying obscurities.


Sweet Confessions

Glitterati Bracelet Awakens the Soul

In the 11th Century Hildegard's vision, the brilliantly fiery, eyelike orb of the Creator God shoots a tongue of flame into the dark chaotic sphere, sparking the creation of heaven and earth and kindling the hearts of humankind :

"Each soul a spark awakened from the great living fire"

Awaken your soul with this gorgeous bracelet of flowers and fire, alchemised from the existent into the extraordinaire! On a Vintage Copper Disc a glittering circle of 1930's lucite, swarmed on either side with fabulous flowers from the era of Dior.

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The Jewellers Opus is shared with the red tongued Kali

Feather Jewellery | Bohemian style | Boholuxe chic | Stylish Statement jewelry

A flaming tassel of orange fire feathers is hung from a vintage blackened filigree setting and mounted on an antique chain forms our "Flamethrower Necklace". The "Divine"vintage cone shape earrings are hung from Freshwater Pearls  with flame dipped tassels falling across the shoulder line.

Encircled by a ring of flames Shiva, Lord of Yoga, or red tongued Kali, the goddess Time, unveils our illusions of existence by dancing them into ash. Fires disturbing ambiguity applies to the "masters of fire" - the potter, smith, metallurgist, alchemist, shaman and witch, and to the inner as well as outer fire.

Flame is the Jewellers opus, through which we turn the mundane into the extraordinaire.

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Retro Gucci Glam Rocks a Lions Roar Cuff

Gucci Style| Retro Fashion | Vintage Lion Cuff | Bold Metallic Jewellery | Artisan

A stunning piece! The golden vintage lion mounts a fabulous 1950's jet                   navette Bohemian jewel set amongst golden filigree and mounted on a beautiful    Brass Cuff.

The ancient Egyptian warrior goddess Sekhmet is depicted as the                             watchful lioness, her breath the hot desert winds and her body                                     emanating a fiery glow. She is the protector and ever watchful 'eye'.

                        Feel protected in this piece
Hands that make, make time for reflection

Hands of the Maker | Artisan Tools| Artist Way

Hands signify the sovereign, world creating reach of consciousness, they embody effectiveness, industry, adaptation, invention, self expression and the possession of a will for creative ends. Single-handed, even-handed, underhanded, high-handed and sleight-of-hand. Here the Hands of the Maker - my hands which are normally a blur of activity are shown in calm repose with the healing benefit of the needle.

The Mystic Goal of the Leopard Shines Stars in our Eyes

Boho luxe Chic Earrings | Statement Jewelry | Artisan metalsmith | Leopard Skin

Vintage 1970's Leopard Print Lucite Hoops with Vintage Stars and Tortoiseshell Discs.

Joining the celestial aspect of stars with the beautiful and mystic Leopard reveals the highest yearning of the soul. The leopard represents the mystic goal of our spiritual journeys and the star a flickering spark of consciousness within the dark vastness of the unconscious psyche. The Star of Africa is the largest diamond ever found at 530 carats. It was found in Africa and was eventually cut into 96 smaller stones.

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Dark Bohemian Wonderings in a Forest of Bamboo

Robyn Lawley | Feather Jewelry | Dark Bohemian | Artisan Handmade metalsmith

Dark Bohemian wonderings in a forest of Bamboo

Flamethrower Necklace - The magic of feathers : Lightness, mobility, air, wingedness, balance, flight and joy on a vintage plaque with vintage chain.

Moon Dance Cuff - The moon is the mystic vessel containing the milky substance of immortality ; it is the feminine. In radiant fullness, this circle without blemish is the Buddhist symbol of tranquility and perfect truth.

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Black, Blacker than Black | Trance Noir and the Golden Embryo of Self

Modern Contemporary Jewelry | Art jeweller | Metalsmith Jewelry | Dark Arts

Vintage cone beads and jet jewels hung from blackened choker chain.

Rumi declared that Black was “the consummation of all colours” . Black envelops and swallows, is cave and abyss, the holes of space and the bowels of the earth, night, melancholy and death. The alchemists described the Nigredo as “black, blacker than black” and rejoiced in its teeming potential in which could be conceived the golden embryo of self.

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