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Vintage Moonstones and Emeralds for a Blushing Bride

moonstone and emerald earrings for a bride on her special day

Oh how we love a bride!! Working one on one with her and delving through treasured family jewels to reinterpret them for the modern woman is Ghost and Lola's greatest pleasure! In this case we located some beautiful vintage moonstones that belonged to a necklace of her great grandmothers and married them with sparkly vintage emeralds into long shoulder dusting earrings. It was a perfect marriage of old and new!

The Moonstone has a very nourishing, sensual, deeply feminine energy that knows how to heal and bring you back to wholeness. It is the stone of the mother moon, deep healing waters and sacred feminine energies.

The Emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was thought to preserve love. The Emerald has long been the symbol of hope. It is considered by many to be the stone of prophecy.

The combination of these two stones with the deep connection through the family matriarchy was perfect for our bride on her special day.

Whisps of Feathers and Drop Dead Dangles

Feather Necklace | Artisan Jewellery | Bohemian Luxe | Eco-Chic

Whisps of Feathers and Drop Dead Dangles explains our beautiful Flamethrower necklace in orange ( it also comes in Natural) and Divine Earrings in Orange ( they also come in Black) worn here by the beautiful, and fierce model : Ms Robyn Lawley.

We found these fabulous vintage dyed feathers in a wonderful warehouse of vintage delights in New York City. We have paired them with this gorgeous floral inspired 1920's enamelled geometric brass diamond shaped finding, and dangled the lot from vintage knurled chain. The Divine Earrings are created from vintage cone beads enamelled and then hung from genuine freshwater pearls with shoulder tickling dangles. 

You can find these earrings here: https://ghostandlola.com/products/divine-earrings-orange

You can Find this necklace here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/flamethrower-necklace


Pure White Nights Necklace and Bracelet

White Necklace |  Artisan Jewellery | Vintage Repurposed | I Made Your Jewelery

Sweet vintage white Lucite Hearts wrapped with Silver and hung with diamante ball and silver chain. Model Robyn Lawley mixes her darker side with the white of the cosmos.

The milky , maternal ocean of Hindu myth is the source of all the fundaments of the cosmos. From its waters emerge saps and elixirs, the white cow of all desires, and the moon-white elephant "Airavata" emblem of the Vishnu chakra, the throat or "void" in which all elements intermingle. 

A Cuff of Tranquility and Perfect Truth

Mother of Pearl Disc | Vintage Brass Cuff | Artisan Jewellery | Eco-Chic | BohemianVintage mother of Pearl Disc | Moon Jewellery | Artisan Style | Bohemian Chic

Moon Dancer Cuff : We took a perfect vintage mother of pearl disc and mounted on vintage cuff. So simple, so chic, so sustainable, so goes with everything, so perfect. Available in a very limited edition now on our website. 

The moon is the mystic vessel containing the milky substance of immortality; it is the feminine. In radiant fullness, this circle without blemish is the Buddhist symbol of tranquility and perfect truth.

Find this cuff here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/moon-dance-cuff

Find more cuffs and bracelets here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/bangles-bracelets-cuffs-brooches


Dante Ring a beautiful look at the Victorian mourning jewellery.

Victorian Mourning jewelry | Vintage artisan Art | Black Flower Ring | Dante Ring | Ghost and Lola | Victorian Mourning Jewellery | Artisan Jewelry

Dante's Ring : A beautiful floral Victorian Mourning Brooch is converted to a ring on a blackened band.

"In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost"

Mourning jewellery has been around since at least the 16th century, but it is widely associated with the Victorian Era, when mass production made it affordable. The trend reached its high point after the death of Prince Albert in 1861, when Queen Victoria, as well as members of her court, wore black clothing and matching mourning jewellery for decades.

From then, black jewellery became quite fashionable. The best pieces were made out of jet, a fossillized coal found near Whitby, England. Less-expensive alternatives included black glass, black enamel, vulcanite (a hardened rubber,) and bog oak, which is more of a brown colour but still dark enough to express sombre sentiments.

Self Renewal and Metamorphosis of the soul earrings

Butterfly Earrings | Vintage Artisan Jewellery | Upcycled | Sustainable Fashion

A pretty trio of vintage filigree butterflies alight on a jeweled tassel of vintage rosary.


The greek myth of Eros and Psyche tells the story of passion, doubt and separation between the soul and her beloved and the tortuous process that precedes their reunion. The butterfly is one of our most poetic images of Psyche’s self-renewal beyond even traumatic endings.

The Australian aborigines imagined butterflies as returning souls that entered the afterlife in the form of earth bound caterpillars.

 Find these earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/psyches-desire-earrings

Find more Ghost and Lola earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings


Under the Rose- I never promised you a Rose Garden

Romantic Jewelry | Rose earrings | Boho Chic | Sustainable Fashion | Artisan Made

Sweet Golden Rose Earrings combine beautiful vintage Czech Jet Glass Cameos with the tiniest sweetest carved golden roses from the 1950's hung with Rosary and shell dangles from the 1940's. Perfectly romantic Earrings.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare

In mythology the rose is associated with Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love who was often depicted adorned with roses around her head, feet and or neck. 

In Ancient Rome, a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were being discussed. The phrase sub rosa, or “under the rose”, means to keep a secret and is derived from this ancient Roman practice.



A Dragon's Eye from Bohemia

Vintage Earrings | Bohemian Crystal | Boho Chic | Sustainable Fashion | Ghost and Lola

Vintage filigree mounted with vintage Bohemian glass “ Dragon Eyes” from the 1950's

Gorgeous vintage czech glass golden jet crystals mounted on vintage (30's era) golden filigree. Light as a feather and the earring posts are hypoallergenic.

The eye illuminates, understands, expresses, protects, scorches and stares. The Dragon Eye signifies aliveness, gleaming light and the eye that flashes fire and sees keenly, like the figurative "eye"of the unconscious. The dragon encompasses, guards and gestates the treasure of the self.


A Goddess's Secret and the Keys to the Universe

Goddess Jewellery | Vintage Upcycled Necklace | Ishtar Necklace | Key necklace

Vintage ornate pendant with filigree back and golden centre with vintage keys and lock on copper chain, hung from vintage golden chain.

The Babylonian goddess Ishtar bears the keys that open the locks of heaven. Her counterpart Cybele locks up the earth each winter and opens it to growth and flowering every spring. Human consciousness perpetually searches for the key that will give it access to the object of its longing- self discovery, peace of mind, the enigmatic heart of the beloved.

Sweet and Dangerous at the same time.

Cameo Earrings | Vintage Jewelry | Dolce and Gabbana style | Artisan Jewellery

Our Lady of the Dagger Earrings, Stunningly Sweet yet Dangerously Decadent! We have taken beautiful vintage cameos and mounted them in a vintage frame hung with hoops and vintage daggers.

The mythic dagger embodies compassionate action, signifying the spiritual tool that severs the roots of ignorance, desire, and hatred.

A lady carrying a dagger is perhaps the most dangerous of the female species! Embrace a little adventure into your own dangerous side with these earrings.

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