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Darknight of the Soul Earrings brings 80's Goddess charm to Fashionista's


Into the Night Earrings Gorgeous Vintage pieces created into Contemporary Art

In some circles The Darknight of the Soul may seem a little morbid, but at Ghost and Lola its just another opportunity to dress up and go out! these beauties are so so rare, combining vintage millinery beaded tassels from the 40's with stunning metallic beads from the 80's topped with a perfectly faceted jet beaded jewel. You could be forgiven for thinking that they really are the best dressed night of the soul!!

The ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul was made up of five parts: the Ren (Name) the Ba, (Soul) the Ka (Vital Spark) the Sheut,(Shadow) and the Ib (Heart). A person's shadow, Sheut was always present. It was believed that a person could not exist without a shadow, nor a shadow without a person, therefore, Egyptians surmised that a shadow contained something of the person it represents. For this reason statues of people and deities were sometimes referred to as their shadows. The shadow was represented graphically as a small human figure painted completely black as well.

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