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The Etruscan Jewel Legacy

Howlite | Vintage Bohemian Style Earrings | Artisan Jewellery | Byron Bay Jewels

Inspired by the ancient Etruscan jewels, with a vintage wrapped bead, vintage bronze and Howlite Spears, these earrings will transport you to a magical place. Part of our newest Collection : Antiquities

The Etruscans were a powerful and wealthy civilization of ancient Italy who inhabited an area including modern Tuscany and Western Umbria. With their own language and a great emphasis on the decorative arts, their jewellery is well known for its beauty and craftsmanship. The Etruscans predated the Romans and the Greeks and were considered one of the few most ancient modern societies.

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The Minis and the Maxis in Fan Dancing Earrings

Maximalist Earrings | Vintage Fan | Bohemian Luxe Design | Artisan Jewellery

Chandelier Earrings | Vintage Fan | Bohemian Luxe Design | Artisan Jewellery

So good , we made them twice! A mini version of the maxi styled Fan Dance Earrings has joined our newest pieces online. Both a cascade of beautiful miniature vintage japanese fans. A golden shower of the very best kind, all sparkly and light, dancing and capturing the sun. Sound like you? Be quick, we are only able to make a very few of these pieces! 

Part of our latest Collection : Antiquities which was inspired by the exotic and beautiful jewellery of ancient civilisations.

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Recharge your energy and set your goals with a powerful aid
Crescent Moon Earrings | Vintage Statement Jewellery | Boho Luxe StyleJade Moon Necklace | Vintage Statement Jewellery | Boho Luxe Style | handmade
Our Jade Moon pieces encapture the spirit of Jade with the Black Moon that will occur this month. 
Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes the cardiac rhythm. A piece of jade on a pendant to stroke from time to time recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness.
The black moon that is happening this February is considered a powerful and potent time to align your goals and spells. Harnessing its potent energy is powerful, so if you're itching to ask the universe for something important, the black moon is the perfect time to do it! The next one in February will not occur for another 33 years.
Twinkle like a star and party the night away with our Night Dancer Earrings

Party Earrings | Bohemian Luxe | Silver Diamond | Statement Earrings

Shine and sparkle, twirl and dance. Its holiday time!

Our fabulous Night Dancer earrings are made from vintage 1980's German metallic beads, a glittering diamante cone with a gorgeous vintage beaded milliners tassel. Wonderful statement earrings to get you in the xmas party mood.

Alchemists called the imagination a celestial star because of its ability to shed lighton, transform and transcend the fetters of existence. 

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I go outside in the night to paint the stars

Star Earrings | Designer Jewellery | Bohemian Luxe Style | Eco Fashion

We took  gorgeous vintage 1930's golden stars and adorned them with a comet tail of vintage tassels and set them off with golden crystals to make our Stars and Comets earrings. 

"I go outside in the night to paint the stars" Van Gogh

It is in the stars that we see the great goddess : Ishtar, Anana and Aphrodite. We watch and wish on stars, pray to stars and see in them the phosphors of our psychic firmanent. Stars tell us of the infinite, the visionary, of something in ourselves that is starlike. Alchemists called the imagination a celestial or supercelestial star because of its ability to shed light on, transform and transcend the fetters of existence.

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Inspired by the Egyptian Warrior Goddess Sekhmet : Lion Earrings

Lion Earrings | Vintage Golden Lion | Bohemian Design | Artisan MadeLion Earrings | Vintage Golden Lion | Bohemian Design | Artisan Made

Stunning Vintage Lions adorn Vintage Mother of Pearl Discs topped with golden crowns and saffron bead. Earrings are 9cm long and 5cm wide. Mother of Pearl is a natural material and catches the light differently, so each pair of earrings will glow differently at night or day.

The ancient Egyptian Warrior Goddess Sekhmet, lioness, or lioness headed is the watchful, sometimes raging eye of the sun god "Ra"; her breath the hot desert winds and her body emanating a fiery glow. In Western tradition, the lion is paired with the unicorn, that eternal symbol of the feminine.

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The Sacred Truth and the Feather of Maat

Carnelian Heart | Sacred Cross | Statement Earrings | Ghost and Lola artisan

Our vintage Carnelian heart amulet is nestled into a vintage setting and strung with vintage crosses and beads.

Before being accepted into the underworld, ancient Egyptians believed a judgment took place in front of Osiris. The heart was weighed against the feather of Maat, goddess of truth and justice. If it weighed the same as the feather, the bearer was named “ true of voice”, and granted eternal life. The heart, the only organ left in the body by the ancient Egyptian embalmers was often accompanied by small reddish heart shaped amulets.

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Your key to this summer's statement earrings!

Vintage Earrings | Statement Jewellery | Ghost and lola | Gift for your girlfriend

A sneak peak at some of our newest pieces for Summer 2017:

Framed Heart Earrings.

A beautiful vintage mother of pearl heart with cameo is suspended from a vintage frame with 1950's Post War japanese carved lucite heart.

"Stop the flow of your words, open the window of your heart and let the spirit speak." Rumi

The heart shares with the lotus flower and the rose the qualities of the hidden, enfolded centre beneath the outer surface of things, the secret abode of the consciousness, locked away, virgin and so inviolate that when we want to "let someone in " we must give them "the key."

The heart is the point of contact for linking with another through love, compassion, courage and joy.

Real Size Women wear Ghost and Lola

Tassel Earrings | Vintage Jewellery | Robyn Lawley | Mourning Ring

Robyn Lawley, Super model, Ghost and Lola muse and spokesperson for all of us "Real Size " girls featured here in our Nightrider ring and Divine Earrings.

From ABC program Australian Story shown last night : "Australia's most successful plus-size model has hit back at criticisms some curvy models who appeared in a Sports Illustrated catwalk show sent an unhealthy message.

At size 14 and 185 centimetres, former Sydneysider Robyn Lawley said it was time an array of sizes were shown on runways.

"These are people we're talking about. They have feelings," Lawley said.

"I've met all the girls who did that catwalk. None of these models were unhealthy … they all work out."

Lawley looks forward to the day when the term "plus-size" is no longer used for models over a size-10.

"I've always been the person who says I hate the term plus-size," Lawley said.

"I hate the tag. I think you should shoot a whole bunch of girls, whatever size you need."

Ghost and Lola agrees!!!

See Robyn and her agent Chelsea Bonner here on Australian Story: 


Don these Earrings and Do Green Things

Vintage Bohemian Jewellery Design | Statement earrings with Tassel

Beautiful Vintage 1950’s Golden Rose Lucite Cabochon with vintage lime Swarovski Crystal and tiny tassels.


Green is sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who oversaw love and fertility. As well it is sacred to Islam, the colour of Muhammad’s flag, of the dome and the interior of his tomb and the green and white flags of his descendants. In ancient Egypt, green was a symbol of growth and of life itself and “to do green things” was an expression for positive, life –producing actions.

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