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Sustainable and Eco Friendly Fashion by Ghost and Lola

Sustainable Fashion | Eco Jewellery | Vintage Upcycled Jewellery | ReUse Reimagine

 There is a really simple solution to the enormous amount of waste and pollution currently being generated by the global fashion industry and that is to STOP.

We do not need to generate the mega tons of pollution that we currently do now, we need to learn to be smarter about using our resources. 

At Ghost and Lola we use existing elements to make our jewellery from. Many of these are rare vintage pieces are located by working with Dealers all around the world who offer lots up for sale. When a dealer shows us some pieces, and they resonate with our brand aesthetically, we act decisively and purchase them.

Sometimes we store them for months or years before we use them in our Collections. We purchase lots of jewellery components that were made for jewellers in a vintage era, but never used. 

Sometimes they go straight into a Collection. We have to be flexible. It is a different business model. Its a slower pace, a more thoughtful interaction between our suppliers and us than just contacting a jewellery maker in China and ordering 1,000 pieces of the same item. That would be too easy and too wasteful!

When we work with the pieces, we look at ways to improve or preserve their Patina. We love the signs of age that our pieces naturally have, and we know that you do too. It is like each piece develops its very own laughter lines, it is telling the tail of its own history. We like that.

Next time you purchase a piece of Ghost and Lola Jewellery, you can be assured that the environment has not been harmed, that wastage has not been tipped into our waterways, and that the artisans who make the pieces, are working under ethically regulated conditions which honour their talents and provide for their families.

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