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The Making of an Earring!


Vintage Hoop Earrings | Cross Jewellery | Vintage Upcycled Bohemian Style

We are often asked how, why, when and by what methods do we come up with our designs. So we thought we would share the process with you around our Hoops and Crosses earrings.

First is the research, we live half our lives inside of Pinterest, Fashion Magazines, Fashion Blogs etc so we keep abreast of the trends and make sure that what we make at Ghost and Lola will excite you and be part of this moment in fashion.

Simultaneously we research mythology and stories of old, because, well, we are fascinated by it. It is a great passion. Looking at the Material objects of a past civilization and reading their poetry and stories helps us understand that we are standing on the backs of generations of artisans.

Second is the Collecting. Yes we are collectors of all things vintage and let me tell you its a battle ground out there, so if you find something you like you better snap it up straight away. Like these perfect ornate hoops from the 70's that we found through a dealer in the USA. And the gorgeous engraved Mexican crosses which we stumbled upon in the back blocks of Mexico City  last year. 

Thirdly Comes the Design. We cant tell you how satisfying it is when we bring disparate objects together and they make a little magic, in fact we feel like dancing when it happens. When this hoop and this cross found each other it was love at first sight!

Finally comes the Alchemy. By this we mean getting the pieces to work together. We may have to colour a piece, bend it, grind it, and generally convince both pieces that they will be in perfect bliss together if only they wielded to our hammers and fire. We very lightly coloured these hoops as they were way to shiny to be happy with the coppery crosses.

Sometimes, tragically, it all falls to crap in our hands. Thats when we have a little cry, a cup of tea, or a walk around the block. 

We hope you enjoyed our explanation!

You can find these earrings here:


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