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Shout Yourself the Seven Sacred Bodies of Silver


Vintage Upcycled Earrings | Statement Jewellery from rare components

In these stunning Earrings we have taken a vintage carved classic Greek goddess cameo and mounted her in a silver vintage frame hung with vintage metal rosary and suspended from a beautiful Grey lustre pearl.


In the Ancient Tibetan shamanic religion of Bon-Po, a special river filled with silver sands is said to make anyone who drinks the water lovely as a peacock.

The silver door of the Bon Po tradition faces east and must be open to access the sacred tree, which unites the upper and lower worlds.

Islamic alchemy gives silver an important place physically and conceptually. Silver was known as one of the seven sacred bodies. Alchemical procedures were even defined in terms of silver, i.e. the silvering of other metals; the act of giving other metals silver-like qualities.


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  • Tess Law on

    I have several pairs of your beautiful earings. I wanted to buy some for a friend. Do you have any to purchase in silver? And do you have any tortishell hoops available? I bought some of these and wish to buy more… Thanks Tess

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