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The Swallows are the Imperishable Stars
Bird Cuff | Bird Bracelet | Golden Bird | Vintage Swallow | Gold Enamel | Brass Cuff | Statement Jewelry | Bohemian Luxe Style | ArtisanBird Cuff | Bird Bracelet | Golden Bird | Vintage Swallow | Gold Enamel | Brass Cuff | Statement Jewelry | Bohemian Luxe Style | Artisan

Swallow Song Cuff

A golden enamelled bird alights upon a thin golden brass cuff. Fully adjustable.

During the Old Kingdom of Egypt, swallows were associated with stars and therefore the souls of the dead. The Book of the Dead specifically instructs the deceased on how to transform into a swallow. In Spell 1216 of the Pyramid Texts, the pharaoh describes how he has "gone to the great island in the midst of the Field of Offerings on which the swallow gods alight; the swallows are the imperishable stars." The imperishable stars were those near the North Star that never seemed to rise or set, and therefore were "constant".

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Find your Inner Wildchild with our Barbarian Cuff

Feather Jewelry | Bohemian Luxe Style | Vintage Artisan Cuff | Bracelet | handmadeFeather Jewelry | Bohemian Luxe Style | Vintage Artisan Cuff | Bracelet | handmade

Barbarian Cuff 

Beautiful natural feathers bound with ribbon mounted on a vintage brass cuff with a beautiful large vintage octagon jet jewel which is wrapped in vintage golden brass strips.

Thoughts, intuitions and imagination are often depicted as feathers that are caught up and carried on the breadth of inspiration. Feathers form the wings with which one can transcend the concrete, escape confinement and soar to creative heights or spiritual vision.

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A Festivity of Cuffs in the Ancient Tradition of Mosaic


Brass Cuff | Vintage Upcycled Jewellery | Bohemian Luxe Style | Artisan Handmade

Brass Cuff | Vintage Upcycled Jewellery | Bohemian Luxe Style | Artisan Handmade

Our mosaic cuff is so beautiful. A rare vintage disc inlaid with black horn and mother of pearl in a geometric pattern suspended onto a gorgeously simple brass cuff. Fully adjustable and perfect with everything! Part of our latest Antiquities Collection.

Here at Ghost and Lola we adore cuffs. They are so easy to wear and dress up any outfit. Being fully adjustable they can be worn by the most petite to our most generous wrists. Always retaining impeccable style! 

The history of the bracelet is over 40,000 years old. Starting with materials like bones, stones and woods to serve religious and spiritual interests. In Egypt the bracelet is as old as 5000 BCE.

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Summer Bopping Colour with Cecylia and our Beau Monde Bracelet

Ghost and Lola | Artisan Jewellery | Cecylia | Eclectic Vintage Bracelet

Vintage marbled lucite | Pink Bracelet | Vintage jewellery | Artisan Design

Cecylia bopping it out with Ghost and Lola's fabulous Beau Monde Bracelet made from vintage Italian Marbled lucite links hung with vintage ruby spears and freshwater pearls. Sadly no longer available online, but PM me if you would like one made up specially for you.

Cecylia is a Melbourne based Blogger and fab fan of Ghost and Lola. 



Surrender the Self to The Lovers Tryst

Vintage Bracelet | Lovers Jewellery | Gold and Black Design | Artisan

Lovers Tryst Bracelet: Featuring an exotic blend of blackened ornate brass disc with couples locked into a heart shaped embrace.

Behind sealed lips , we protect one of the most personal spaces of the body, we part our lips to draw in the breath of inspiration or to speak intimate feelings into the beloved's ear, finally surrendering the private self in the loving convergence of one's own lips with the lips of another. "Mercy and truth are met together: righteousness and peace have kissed each other." Psalm 85:10

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A Little Coppery Bow to Lighten your Senses

Bow Bracelet | Vintage Bohemian Luxe Jewellery | artisan handmadeBow Cuff | Vintage Bohemian Jewellery | Artisan Handmade

A stunning 1940’s Copper Bow with vintage Swarovski jewelled centre is perched upon an adjustable brass cuff.

Ribbons and bows are among the oldest decorative adorning materials known. Medieval and Renaissance patrons bought ribbons woven with gold and silver thread and made from silk and other rare fabrics from the Orient. Ribbons were so identified with luxury that, during the sixteenth century, the English Parliament tried to make the wearing of ribbons a right of only the nobility.


Abundance, Joy, Music, Dance, Cosmetics and Self - Beautification

Vintage Brass Cuff | Statement Jewellery | Bohemian Luxe Artisan Handmade

Vintage bracelet | Bohemian Designer Statement Jewellery | upcycled

Golden Mirror Cuff : A vintage lattice mirrored jewel from the 70's is mounted on vintage filigree ornate frames and welded to an adjustable brass cuff.

Mirrors were cult objects used in the worship of Hathor, Goddess of abundance, joy, music, dance, cosmetics and self-beautification, which brought one into harmony with the divine.

Mirrors have always existed. Before the use of metal, they were the reflections on the waters collected in the earth’s indentations. Early peoples believed that in such reflections the soul element could be perceived.

Our English word “mirror” comes from the Latin mirari: to wonder or marvel at.

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Out of the Mists of Chaos a Latin Lover Appears
Boho luxe Jewellery - Handmade artisan - Vintage - Eco-Chic- Cuff with cross
Who wouldn't want a Latin Lover? We are talking beautiful bracelet, not tall, dark and handsome! Our Latin Lover Bracelet is made from a beautiful deco enamelled dragonfly shield with a cross shaped cultured freshwater Pearl placed on top. Nestled on either side are a beautiful engraved butterfly and a coquettish 1950's bow.
Pearls are mythically guarded in their deep sea abodes by mermaids, water nymphs and snake genuii. Strands of pearls, threaded orbs of light, adorn the sensual bodies of deities: "On me all this universe is strung, as heaps of pearls on a string " says the god krishna. Chinese celestial dragons retrieve the pearl of wisdom out of the mists of chaos, and are themselves the form of a pearl's effulgence.
Pure White Nights Necklace and Bracelet

White Necklace |  Artisan Jewellery | Vintage Repurposed | I Made Your Jewelery

Sweet vintage white Lucite Hearts wrapped with Silver and hung with diamante ball and silver chain. Model Robyn Lawley mixes her darker side with the white of the cosmos.

The milky , maternal ocean of Hindu myth is the source of all the fundaments of the cosmos. From its waters emerge saps and elixirs, the white cow of all desires, and the moon-white elephant "Airavata" emblem of the Vishnu chakra, the throat or "void" in which all elements intermingle. 

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