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Hera and the Black Octagonal Jewelled Cuff

Statement jewellery | vintage Cuff | Black jet Jewel | Artisan handmadeVintage Jewellery | Bohemian Style | Dark Bohemian | Artisan Handmade

Stunning vintage copper cuff with golden lillies mounted with large vintage Bohemian Jet octagon jewel.  A gorgeous statement piece. Adjusts to fit all sizes

In ancient Greece the Lily was sacred to Hera, Queen of Heaven, and was said to have arisen from drops of her breast milk as they fell to earth during the creation of the Milky Way.

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A Little Coppery Bow to Lighten your Senses

Bow Bracelet | Vintage Bohemian Luxe Jewellery | artisan handmadeBow Cuff | Vintage Bohemian Jewellery | Artisan Handmade

A stunning 1940’s Copper Bow with vintage Swarovski jewelled centre is perched upon an adjustable brass cuff.

Ribbons and bows are among the oldest decorative adorning materials known. Medieval and Renaissance patrons bought ribbons woven with gold and silver thread and made from silk and other rare fabrics from the Orient. Ribbons were so identified with luxury that, during the sixteenth century, the English Parliament tried to make the wearing of ribbons a right of only the nobility.


The Swallows are the Imperishable Stars

Bird Jewellery | Vintage Bohemian Style | Artisan Handmade | Statement Cuff

Bird jewellery | Vintage Bohemian Style | Dark Bohemian Edgy Cuff

The Swallows are the Imperishable Stars : Swallow Song Cuff by Ghost and Lola : A Blackened bird alights on silver cuff

During the Old Kingdom of Egypt, swallows were associated with stars and therefore the souls of the dead. The Book of the Dead specifically instructs the deceased on how to transform into a swallow. In Spell 1216 of the Pyramid Texts, the pharaoh describes how he has "gone to the great island in the midst of the Field of Offerings on which the swallow gods alight; the swallows are the imperishable stars." The imperishable stars were those near the North Star that never seemed to rise or set, and therefore were "constant".

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Abundance, Joy, Music, Dance, Cosmetics and Self - Beautification

Vintage Brass Cuff | Statement Jewellery | Bohemian Luxe Artisan Handmade

Vintage bracelet | Bohemian Designer Statement Jewellery | upcycled

Golden Mirror Cuff : A vintage lattice mirrored jewel from the 70's is mounted on vintage filigree ornate frames and welded to an adjustable brass cuff.

Mirrors were cult objects used in the worship of Hathor, Goddess of abundance, joy, music, dance, cosmetics and self-beautification, which brought one into harmony with the divine.

Mirrors have always existed. Before the use of metal, they were the reflections on the waters collected in the earth’s indentations. Early peoples believed that in such reflections the soul element could be perceived.

Our English word “mirror” comes from the Latin mirari: to wonder or marvel at.

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Flourish in Concert with this Charming Cuff

Vintage Flower Cuff |Copper Bracelet | Upcycled Artisan Jewellery

Vintage Up-Cycled jewellery made by hand | Artisan metalsmith

Stunning vintage Islamic cut filigree Disc from the 50’s, anointed with a blackened flower with brass centre on an adjustable Copper Cuff.

Flowers are incorporated into ritual and sacrament the world over as emblems of Eros, beauty, perfection, purity, fertility, joy and resurrection. We flourish in concert with the flower. It is emblem of the hidden “seeding place” within ourselves, supported by multiple participating energies. Visible above yet rooted in the invisible below, the flower symbolically bridges the manifest and unseen worlds.

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Out of the Mists of Chaos a Latin Lover Appears
Boho luxe Jewellery - Handmade artisan - Vintage - Eco-Chic- Cuff with cross
Who wouldn't want a Latin Lover? We are talking beautiful bracelet, not tall, dark and handsome! Our Latin Lover Bracelet is made from a beautiful deco enamelled dragonfly shield with a cross shaped cultured freshwater Pearl placed on top. Nestled on either side are a beautiful engraved butterfly and a coquettish 1950's bow.
Pearls are mythically guarded in their deep sea abodes by mermaids, water nymphs and snake genuii. Strands of pearls, threaded orbs of light, adorn the sensual bodies of deities: "On me all this universe is strung, as heaps of pearls on a string " says the god krishna. Chinese celestial dragons retrieve the pearl of wisdom out of the mists of chaos, and are themselves the form of a pearl's effulgence.
A Cuff of Tranquility and Perfect Truth

Mother of Pearl Disc | Vintage Brass Cuff | Artisan Jewellery | Eco-Chic | BohemianVintage mother of Pearl Disc | Moon Jewellery | Artisan Style | Bohemian Chic

Moon Dancer Cuff : We took a perfect vintage mother of pearl disc and mounted on vintage cuff. So simple, so chic, so sustainable, so goes with everything, so perfect. Available in a very limited edition now on our website. 

The moon is the mystic vessel containing the milky substance of immortality; it is the feminine. In radiant fullness, this circle without blemish is the Buddhist symbol of tranquility and perfect truth.

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Glitterati Bracelet Awakens the Soul

In the 11th Century Hildegard's vision, the brilliantly fiery, eyelike orb of the Creator God shoots a tongue of flame into the dark chaotic sphere, sparking the creation of heaven and earth and kindling the hearts of humankind :

"Each soul a spark awakened from the great living fire"

Awaken your soul with this gorgeous bracelet of flowers and fire, alchemised from the existent into the extraordinaire! On a Vintage Copper Disc a glittering circle of 1930's lucite, swarmed on either side with fabulous flowers from the era of Dior.

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Retro Gucci Glam Rocks a Lions Roar Cuff

Gucci Style| Retro Fashion | Vintage Lion Cuff | Bold Metallic Jewellery | Artisan

A stunning piece! The golden vintage lion mounts a fabulous 1950's jet                   navette Bohemian jewel set amongst golden filigree and mounted on a beautiful    Brass Cuff.

The ancient Egyptian warrior goddess Sekhmet is depicted as the                             watchful lioness, her breath the hot desert winds and her body                                     emanating a fiery glow. She is the protector and ever watchful 'eye'.

                        Feel protected in this piece
Dark Bohemian Wonderings in a Forest of Bamboo

Robyn Lawley | Feather Jewelry | Dark Bohemian | Artisan Handmade metalsmith

Dark Bohemian wonderings in a forest of Bamboo

Flamethrower Necklace - The magic of feathers : Lightness, mobility, air, wingedness, balance, flight and joy on a vintage plaque with vintage chain.

Moon Dance Cuff - The moon is the mystic vessel containing the milky substance of immortality ; it is the feminine. In radiant fullness, this circle without blemish is the Buddhist symbol of tranquility and perfect truth.

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