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Vintage Moonstones shine like eyes in the night by Ghost and Lola

Moonshine and Tassels Earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage moonstones on fans

 Moonshine and Tassels Earrings by Ghost and Lola, evoke the mystery and protection of the goddess Selene,a protector of travellers. These gorgeous beauties are vintage fans hung with copper tassels and mounted with beautiful ancient moonstones.

A stone as ancient as time itself, Moonstone holds within the power of mystery locked beneath its pearly veil. As a talisman of the inner journey, Moonstone also is used by the traveller to protect herself, especially at night.

 The Greek Moon Goddess : Selene is honoured by Moonstone. Selene is depicted wearing a crown of the crescent moon, in long robes and carrying a torch. She travels throughout the night sky to guide and protect those in the dark, both literally and metaphysically.

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