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Sweet Confessions of Hecates in this Beautiful Necklace

Cross Necklace | Boho-Chic | Sustainable Fashion | Contemporary Jewellery

 A Trinity of Vintage Cross's alight a vintage filigree Oval, bound with blackened lucite beads. A fabulous necklace that can be worn everyday for sweet salvation from all of your sins!

In ancient Greece, a junction of three ways was dedicated to Hecate. The marker of three faces looking in three directions signified her dominion of the three realms of the physical world-sea, sky and earth - and the three phases of the moon, and night with its lunar intimations and terrifying obscurities.


Sweet Confessions

The Jewellers Opus is shared with the red tongued Kali

Feather Jewellery | Bohemian style | Boholuxe chic | Stylish Statement jewelry

A flaming tassel of orange fire feathers is hung from a vintage blackened filigree setting and mounted on an antique chain forms our "Flamethrower Necklace". The "Divine"vintage cone shape earrings are hung from Freshwater Pearls  with flame dipped tassels falling across the shoulder line.

Encircled by a ring of flames Shiva, Lord of Yoga, or red tongued Kali, the goddess Time, unveils our illusions of existence by dancing them into ash. Fires disturbing ambiguity applies to the "masters of fire" - the potter, smith, metallurgist, alchemist, shaman and witch, and to the inner as well as outer fire.

Flame is the Jewellers opus, through which we turn the mundane into the extraordinaire.

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Hands that make, make time for reflection

Hands of the Maker | Artisan Tools| Artist Way

Hands signify the sovereign, world creating reach of consciousness, they embody effectiveness, industry, adaptation, invention, self expression and the possession of a will for creative ends. Single-handed, even-handed, underhanded, high-handed and sleight-of-hand. Here the Hands of the Maker - my hands which are normally a blur of activity are shown in calm repose with the healing benefit of the needle.

The Mystic Goal of the Leopard Shines Stars in our Eyes

Boho luxe Chic Earrings | Statement Jewelry | Artisan metalsmith | Leopard Skin

Vintage 1970's Leopard Print Lucite Hoops with Vintage Stars and Tortoiseshell Discs.

Joining the celestial aspect of stars with the beautiful and mystic Leopard reveals the highest yearning of the soul. The leopard represents the mystic goal of our spiritual journeys and the star a flickering spark of consciousness within the dark vastness of the unconscious psyche. The Star of Africa is the largest diamond ever found at 530 carats. It was found in Africa and was eventually cut into 96 smaller stones.

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The search for the Holy Grail of Earrings has ended!!!

Golden Grail earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Boho Luxe Jewelery

We have just made the Holy Grail of beautiful shoulder tickling earrings and we are so proud to share them with you! Each has a gorgeous vintage czech glass carved and gilt flower pattern cameo from the early 50's, hung with the most beautiful golden filigree vintage cones draped with your very own shoulder tickling tassel of vintage rosary. Hallelujah!

You can find them here: https://ghostandlola.com/products/golden-grail-earrings

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Past Romance Necklace by Ghost and Lola

Past Romance Necklace by Ghost and Lola Vintage Boho Luxe with a rock n roll

Were you disappointed with your so called better half over his performance on Valentines Day- no sparkles received, nor even a bunch of flowers? Take revenge sister, with our Past Romance Necklace- we have a shrunken head with a diamante collar and vintage beaded tassel on leopard skin vintage lucite beads.

You will feel better wearing it- so empower yourself. It works for us!!!


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Black Lily Cuff of Vintage Bohemian Jet Jewel and Vintage Lilly

Black Lily Cuff Vintage Bohemian luxe jewelery by Ghost and lolaBlack Lily Cuff Vintage Bohemian luxe Jewellery by Ghost and Lola made in Australia

Our stunning Black Lily Cuff is handformed from a vintage copper cuff mounted with golden lillies and topped with a large vintage Bohemian Jet octagon jewel.  A gorgeous statement piece. Adjusts to fit all sizes

In ancient Greece the Lily was sacred to Hera, Queen of Heaven, and was said to have arisen from drops of her breast milk as they fell to earth during the creation of the Milky Way.

The Sacred Truth about Vintage Love Earrings by Ghost and Lola

Vintage Heart Earrings for Valentines Day Boho luxe by Ghost and Lola

"Stop the Flow of your words,

open the window of your heart 

and let the spirit speak" Rumi.

We take a rare carnelian glass heart from Bohemia and wrap it gently in vintage brass, a delicate vintage flower of ancient Ethiopian glass with bonze petals and hang a gentle cross from a golden hoop. Lounging in a beautiful velvet box, this gift is a perfect "I Love You" wish for that special someone or self.

We have 20% discount to celebrate all lovers this Valentines Day, just use V20V and we will ship your choice anywhere on this planet for free.

From Lovers of Love

Ghost and Lola XXxX

A Big Red Heart Ring spells L.O.V.E. on Valentines Day

Valentines Day Vintage Heart Ring for your Sweetheart Bohemian Red XL Heart

Looking for a special present for your sweetheart to state the obvious: ie I Heart you!!! Our Sweetheart ring will do the job rather nicely and its discounted already and you can get a further 20% off the price using code V20V and.... have it shipped anywhere on this planet for free!!!!!!!


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With love Ghost and Lola xxxxxx

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