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Hello Leo's, Happy Birthday!! You are an important Inspiration for us.

lion jewellery | Leo birthday | Vintage lion jewellery | Bohemian Style | Artisan Handmade

Happy Birthday to all my Leo girlfriends out there! Hope someone has the presence of mind to relish your fierceness and understand the little kitten within! We have been fascinated by Lions forever at Ghost and Lola and to prove it here is a selection of fabulous Leo inspired jewellery currently available on line in our webstore just for you! Just click on these links below!!

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Wings Lift us and Hope has Feathers

Bird Necklace | Vintage Diamante Bird | Vintage Upcycled Jewelry | Silver Chain Necklace | Silver and Gold necklace | Artisan Handmade |love

Bird Necklace | Vintage Diamante Bird | Vintage Upcycled Jewelry | Made by Hand

Bird Song Necklace 

A blackened Crystalline Bird is peppered with vintage bronze flowers and hung on a blackened silver chain. We make each bird individually so each is different, artisan handmade bohemian style.

The oldest piece of art in the world is of a bird (30,000 yrs). In our desire for boundless freedom, we identify ourselves with the flight of birds and in our imagination we transcend the ordinary world by leaving the earth and the weight of the body. Wings lift us and Hope has feathers.

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Secret Talisman Necklace inspired by Artist Paul Klee

Talisman Necklace | Vintage Jewelry | Bohemian Luxe Design | Artisan Jewellery

Our secret Talisman necklace features vintage 1940's caged beads, sweet Deco seashell chain, a vintage key and vintage carved lucite ivory fish. On a long coppery chain that can be shortened by winding around the neck or left long and dangly.

Capable of slipping into artistic reveries if gently slipping into water, the artist Paul Klee noted in his diary that his paintings were like dreams flowing beneath the waking surface of life, dreams glistening  with the incandescence of a primeval world. " A kind of stillness glows towards the bottom ," Klee writes in a poem, "From the uncertain a something shines not from here, not from me, but from the great spirit."

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A Little Coppery Modernism and a Rainbow for your Heart

Mother of pearl necklace | Vintage Bohemian Luxe Design | Artisan Handmade

Mother of pearl necklace | Vintage Bohemian Luxe Design | Artisan Handmade

What do they say : "There is a silver lining to every cloud, a rainbow in every sky and a flower behind every ear."

This little beauty is our Voice of the Heart Necklace. Vintage coppery modernist textured heart sits atop a rainbow effect natural Mother of Pearl shell and strung from gorgeous vintage wooden and lucite beads. Its my favourite of this collection's necklaces and I wear it with everything. Want to make a statement visit our Antiquities Collection just up on line now.

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Recharge your energy and set your goals with a powerful aid
Crescent Moon Earrings | Vintage Statement Jewellery | Boho Luxe StyleJade Moon Necklace | Vintage Statement Jewellery | Boho Luxe Style | handmade
Our Jade Moon pieces encapture the spirit of Jade with the Black Moon that will occur this month. 
Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes the cardiac rhythm. A piece of jade on a pendant to stroke from time to time recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness.
The black moon that is happening this February is considered a powerful and potent time to align your goals and spells. Harnessing its potent energy is powerful, so if you're itching to ask the universe for something important, the black moon is the perfect time to do it! The next one in February will not occur for another 33 years.
French Jet Necklace

French Jet Jewellery | Vintage Deco Medallion| Bohemian Luxe Design | Artisan

We took a simply stunning Vintage Deco French Glass Jet Disk and suspended it from a combination of West German 1980's matt silver beads and superb vintage rare glitter beads from the 1950's. Suspended from a Postmodern blackened  aluminium chain.

A stunning piece of wearable art, forming part of the new Antiquities Collection now online at www.ghostandlola.com

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Lion Queen Necklace

Lion Necklace | Vintage Bohemian Style| Eco Jewellery | Handmade Artisan

A stunning vintage roaring lion adorns a vintage golden shell on a chain of vintage jet glass beads. A simple yet stunning statement. 

The ancient Egyptian Warrior Goddess Sekhmet, lioness, or lioness headed is the watchful, sometimes raging eye of the sun god "Ra"; her breath the hot desert winds and her body emanating a fiery glow. In Western tradition, the lion is paired with the unicorn, that eternal symbol of the feminine.

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Sea Spy Siren Necklace : Volatile, Fleeting and Primordial

Vintage Designer Necklace | Tassel necklace | Boho Luxe

Sea Spy Siren Necklace : Vintage heart bound onto filigree plaque with tassel and anchor on a vintage chain. Perfect for sea voyages!

The Sirens are a mythical beast that wears a human face and sometimes the breasts and arms of a young woman, while her body is that of a bird, clawed, winged and feathered. She is volatile, fleeting and primordial. Impossible to resist, her singing lures men astray and their boats ashore and wrecked. In resistance, self destructive longings, remain somewhere in the landscape of the psyche, but de-potentiated and mute.


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