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Supernatural Vigilance of the Unconscious Psyche - Snake Charmer Ring

Snake Jewellery | Vintage Heart Ring | Dark Boho Luxe Design | Artisan

Snake Jewellery | Vintage Heart Ring | Dark Boho Luxe Design | Artisan

Snake Charmer Ring : Vintage Lucite Heart with golden snake on an adjustable band.

The snake sees through lidless eyes covered by a transparent scale, never blinking, evoking a supernatural vigilance, like the cobra encircling the brow of the Egyptian Pharaoh, or the eye of the unconscious psyche that sees where consciousness cannot, or the mesmerizing eye of the legendary hero.

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A Feather Ring to Help You Soar to Creative Heights

6Vintage ring | Dark Bohemian Style | Artisan Jewellery | Golden Feather

feather ring | Gold | Artisan | Dark Bohemian Style

Golden Feather Ring : A Beautiful Golden feather is mounted on golden ring.

 Feathers are sensitive to the slightest wind, and thus are emblems of the psyche’s capacity to pick up invisible and imperceptible currents. If we take notice of these and follow them we can be shown new possibilities or discover where psychic energy is tending.

Feathers form the wings with which one can transcend the concrete, escape confinement and soar to creative heights or spiritual vision.

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Real Size Women wear Ghost and Lola

Tassel Earrings | Vintage Jewellery | Robyn Lawley | Mourning Ring

Robyn Lawley, Super model, Ghost and Lola muse and spokesperson for all of us "Real Size " girls featured here in our Nightrider ring and Divine Earrings.

From ABC program Australian Story shown last night : "Australia's most successful plus-size model has hit back at criticisms some curvy models who appeared in a Sports Illustrated catwalk show sent an unhealthy message.

At size 14 and 185 centimetres, former Sydneysider Robyn Lawley said it was time an array of sizes were shown on runways.

"These are people we're talking about. They have feelings," Lawley said.

"I've met all the girls who did that catwalk. None of these models were unhealthy … they all work out."

Lawley looks forward to the day when the term "plus-size" is no longer used for models over a size-10.

"I've always been the person who says I hate the term plus-size," Lawley said.

"I hate the tag. I think you should shoot a whole bunch of girls, whatever size you need."

Ghost and Lola agrees!!!

See Robyn and her agent Chelsea Bonner here on Australian Story: 


Evanescent Eye Sheds Tear of Love for Ring

Cocktail ring | Vintage Czech Glass | Statement Jewellery | Artisan

Cocktail ring | Vintage czech glass | Statement jewellery | Artisan

Dragon Tear Ring : Vintage Czech glass tear from the 50's mounted on a golden shield with an adjustable filigree ring band.

As an image of the unconscious, the dragon moves in and out of psyche's darkness, showing only parts of itself, evanescent. The Greek "drakon" signifies aliveness, gleaming light and the eye that flashes fire and sees keenly, like the figurative "eye" of the unconscious.

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The Rose that floats on the Wind

Cocktail Ring | Vintage Bohemian jewellery Design | Handmade Artsian

Vintage Bohemian Jewellery | Statement Ring | Artisan Handmade

Perfect Ring : We took a stunning carved vintage glass hematite Rose Bud and placed it on a golden mount with an adjustable filigree ring band to fit any finger.

 The ancient Egyptians used Hematite in the creation of their magical amulets. Since ancient times Hematite has been used to protect the wearer, and was traditionally used in the construction of ‘Magic Mirrors” believed to reflect back any negativity from whence it came. 

Sacred to Venus, the rose floats on the wind in Botticelli’s famous painting of her birth from the ocean.

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A Ritual Blessing in the form of this Sweet Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Ring | Vintage Statement Jewellery | Bohemian luxe designerVintage Statement ring | Cocktail jewellery | Bohemian Luxe

A beautiful Vintage pearlescent disc is wrapped with golden waves on an adjustable filigree band to fit all finger sizes. 

Throughout the world the transcendent power that blesses- the Mana of the Polynesians or the Tao of the Chinese- may express itself directly, but very often, it is conveyed through meditation in words, gesture or ritual by a Prophet, Priest or Royal.

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Hope is a Thing with Feathers

Crystal Bird Ring | Vintage Upcycled Jewellery | Artisan Design

Crystal Bird Ring | Vintage Up-cycled Jewellery | Artisan Design

Skydancer Ring. Stunning Crystal Bird, enamelled with colour and adorned with a copper rose on an adjustable ring. Available in Ruby, Silver, Pink, Black, Teal and Copper

In our desire for boundless freedom we identify ourselves with the flight of birds. In our imagination we transcend the ordinary world by leaving the earth and the weight of the body. Wings lift us, “ Hope is a thing with feathers” says Emily Dickinson

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A little (big) Bird ring for Valentines Day
Blue Skydancer Ring by Ghost and Lola Vintage

 Skydancer Rings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bird Rings Boho luxe jewelry

A little Birdy told me that you were looking for a ring for your sweetheart for Valentines day. Well heres the big secret from now until the 14th of February you can buy a beautiful ring online for her for 20% Valentines Day Discount using the code V20V. Free shipping anywhere on planet Earth!  Shhhhh, she will never know..... xxxx lots of love from Ghost and Lola

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