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I Heart You!

heart ring | Vintage artisan jewellery | statement ring

Vintage Cameo Rings | Artisan | Boho Luxe Style | Statement jewellery

This superb hand sculpted ring is fitted with a super size vintage red heart for love that lasts. The filigree band is adjustable to fit all sizes and fingers. Whilst it is big, the ring is light and easy to wear. Comes with its own very special box. Go on, treat your sweetheart (or yourself). 

The heart shares with the lotus flower and the rose the qualities of the hidden, enfolded centre beneath the outer surface of things, the secret abode of the consciousness.

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Channel your Inner Flower Child

Artisan Design | Flower Child | Vintage Upcycled Jewellery

A wonderful whimsical piece, made from vintage 60's plastic flowers with a vintage brass and lucite centre, mounted onto an adjustable ring band- for your inner flowerchild. Extremely limited.

Hands signify the sovereign, world creating reach of consciousness; they embody effectiveness, industry, adaptation,invention,self expression and the will for creativity.

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Our Golden Feather Ring

Feather Ring | Vintage Artisan jewellery | bohemian Ring | Golden Ring

golden Ring | bohemian Luxe Jewellery | feather Jewellery

Beautiful Golden feather mounted on golden ring.

Feathers are sensitive to the slightest wind, and thus are emblems of the psyche’s capacity to pick up invisible and imperceptible currents. If we take notice of these and follow them we can be shown new possibilities or discover where psychic energy is tending. Feathers form the wings with which one can transcend the concrete, escape confinement and soar to creative heights or spiritual vision.


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Dante Ring a beautiful look at the Victorian mourning jewellery.

Victorian Mourning jewelry | Vintage artisan Art | Black Flower Ring | Dante Ring | Ghost and Lola | Victorian Mourning Jewellery | Artisan Jewelry

Dante's Ring : A beautiful floral Victorian Mourning Brooch is converted to a ring on a blackened band.

"In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost"

Mourning jewellery has been around since at least the 16th century, but it is widely associated with the Victorian Era, when mass production made it affordable. The trend reached its high point after the death of Prince Albert in 1861, when Queen Victoria, as well as members of her court, wore black clothing and matching mourning jewellery for decades.

From then, black jewellery became quite fashionable. The best pieces were made out of jet, a fossillized coal found near Whitby, England. Less-expensive alternatives included black glass, black enamel, vulcanite (a hardened rubber,) and bog oak, which is more of a brown colour but still dark enough to express sombre sentiments.

The Divine and the Dante-Black is the new Black and other tales by Ghost and Lola

Robyn Lawley wears Ghost and Lola Luxe Vintage Art Jewellery

In honour of Dante's ascent into celestial Paradise, where love, truth and beauty intertwine we created both the Divine Earrings and the Dante Ring.

Our Divine Earrings are formed from a fabulous blackened vintage metal bead hung with Fresh Water Pearls and dangled with blackened chain, and the Dante ring is formed from a Victorian Mourning Brooch mounted on a blackened ring band. 

Both part of our Garden of Earthly Delights Collection which you can find here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/garden-of-earthly-delights


A Big Red Heart Ring spells L.O.V.E. on Valentines Day

Valentines Day Vintage Heart Ring for your Sweetheart Bohemian Red XL Heart

Looking for a special present for your sweetheart to state the obvious: ie I Heart you!!! Our Sweetheart ring will do the job rather nicely and its discounted already and you can get a further 20% off the price using code V20V and.... have it shipped anywhere on this planet for free!!!!!!!


Shop for this ring Here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/valentines-heart-vintage-ring

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With love Ghost and Lola xxxxxx

Malachite Vintage Heart Ring says I Love You this Valentines day

Malachite Vintage Heart Ring says I love You this Valentines Day

Our stunning Vintage Malachite Heart says I Love You out loud for Valentines Day. This very special ring is made from vintage malachite lucite from the 70's mounted on a beautiful adjustable filigree ring. 

Get 20% discount from your purchase and free shipping up until Valentines Day with V20V coupon.

Lots of love xxxx Ghost and Lola

Find this beautiful Ring here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/malachite-love-heart-superb-ring

Find all of our rings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/rings

A little (big) Bird ring for Valentines Day
Blue Skydancer Ring by Ghost and Lola Vintage

 Skydancer Rings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bird Rings Boho luxe jewelry

A little Birdy told me that you were looking for a ring for your sweetheart for Valentines day. Well heres the big secret from now until the 14th of February you can buy a beautiful ring online for her for 20% Valentines Day Discount using the code V20V. Free shipping anywhere on planet Earth!  Shhhhh, she will never know..... xxxx lots of love from Ghost and Lola

Find these beautiful Rings here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/skydancer-ring

Find all of our Rings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/rings

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