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Ring Sale Now On!! All rings on sale!!

Statement Ring | Bird Ring | Swan Jewellery | vintage artisan handmade jewellery

Ring Sale Now On!! All rings on sale!!

Our Vintage Swan Ring: Swinger Ring is a beautiful throwback to the 1950's. An abstracted silver Swan alights a silver band.

Swans are a symbol of gracefulness, song, music poetry and creativity. Connected with the Sun, these birds symbolize light and all that is good. Swans are known to mate for life thus making them a symbol of fidelity and longevity.

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She wore Bells on her Toes and Flowers on her Fingers! RINGS ON SALE

Rings on Sale | Vintage Rings on Sale | Artisan Jewellery | Repurposed Jewelry | Gold Flower Ring

Rings on Sale | Vintage Rings on Sale | Artisan Jewellery | Repurposed Jewelry | Gold Flower Ring

Its your turn to shine with this adorable vintage golden flower ring, reduced from $49 to only $25.00 and that includes shipping anywhere in the world free.

We make all of our jewellery by hand using vintage components that we source from all over the world. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted using ancient artisan techniques and no two pieces are exactly the same.

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Keep your love Secret with these Secret Love Earrings by Ghost and Lola

Keep your love secret Secret Love Earrings by Ghost and LolaKeep your love secret Earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage boho luxe jewelry

Yes there is no better love than that which is secret! Hidden from view and shared just between lovers. Its like having your own secret world that is shared only with one other. Keep it secret and keep it fresh we say. Try these beautiful Secret Love Earrings on for size, sweet but forbidden fruits of coral rose and vintage flowers with fresh water pearls. let no one know what you are up to.......

Crystal Light Earrings by Ghost and Lola feature at Australian Museum

Crystal Light Earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bohemian Luxe Jewellery Artisan

These gorgeous crystal earrings will lighten your darkest mood. We made them for the Australian Museum's Spiders : Alive and Deadly exhibition which is on now until June. The Earrings are handmade using vintage French jet glass cameos with silver frames and silver chain drops of clear quartz. 

You can find our Earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

You can find out more about the exhibition here : https://australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/

Sparkle and Sword Earrings by Ghost and Lola, Sweet and Fierce at the same time

Sparkles and Swords Earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bohemian Jewellery

These gorgeous vintage beauties catch the light in a most beguiling way, but their sweetness is offset by their swords. Let the world know that you might be sweet, but you are also fierce! Vintage gold foiled jewels from the 30's mounted on gorgeous frames and hung with a golden sword. Perfect for those days when you want to look glamorous but are not willing to take any s#$%t!

Find them here: https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

Ghost and Lola's Beau Brummell Earrings all Vintage Bows and Rosary

Robyn Lawley wears Ghost and lola's Beau Brummel Earrings of Vintage bows and rosary

The amazing Beau Brummell was a remarkable fellow by all accounts, a snazzy dresser and friend and confident to the in crowd and Monarchy in England. We channelled a bit of his decadent air in our beautiful vintage brass bows and rosary earrings, and we decide top name them after the gentleman himself!

You can shop for them here :


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More about Beau Brummell here :


Special Commission for Australian Museum | Spider and Fly Earrings by Ghost and Lola

Spider and Fly Earrings by Ghost and Lola special Commission for Australian Museum Shop

These beautiful Spider and Fly earrings have been specially made for the Australian Museum store to coincide with their fabulous Spider exhibition. Vintage golden flies alight a golden spun web. All handmade by Ghost and Lola.

To find out more go here: http://australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/

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