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A little (big) Bird ring for Valentines Day
Blue Skydancer Ring by Ghost and Lola Vintage

 Skydancer Rings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bird Rings Boho luxe jewelry

A little Birdy told me that you were looking for a ring for your sweetheart for Valentines day. Well heres the big secret from now until the 14th of February you can buy a beautiful ring online for her for 20% Valentines Day Discount using the code V20V. Free shipping anywhere on planet Earth!  Shhhhh, she will never know..... xxxx lots of love from Ghost and Lola

Find these beautiful Rings here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/skydancer-ring

Find all of our Rings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/rings

Love Whispers Earrings a Special gift for your Valentine

Love Whispers earrings by Ghost and Lola a special gift for your Valentine

These gorgeous vintage brass hearts are hung with a beautiful secret heart locket to save a wisp of your lovers hair perhaps. The hearts are American originals from the love and peace days of the 1960's and the locket is a little 1950's charm.

If you add the discount coupon V20V before Valentines Day, you will receive a special gift from Ghost and Lola- 20% Discount and Free Shipping anywhere in the world. 

Love from Ghost and Lola this Valentines Day xxxx

Find these Earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/love-whispers-earrings

Find all of our earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

Stash your secrets in the tiny envelopes of these earrings by Ghost and Lola

Wise Secrets Vintage Earrings with tiny golden envelopes, enamelled egg and vintage chain

Wise Secrets Earrings are a beautiful mix of tiny but beautiful vintage envelopes that open and shut from the 1950's, hung from a gorgeous rare enamelled egg with vintage  aluminium chain from the 60's. Always important to carry your secrets around- I think!! But here is the best part 20% discount for Valentines Day using code V20V and wait for it, Free Shipping to anywhere you like. We can even pop a card in stating that they are from a secret admirer.......shhhhhhh!!! Love from Ghost and Lola xxxx

Find these earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/products/wise-secrets-earrings

Find all of our earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

Feather Necklace mixed with vintage elements fires up a moody day

Flamethrower Necklace- Natural Feathers with Vintage chain Bohemian luxe

Ghost and Lola's Flamethrower necklace is a gorgeous concoction of natural feathers, vintage blackened edwardian plaque and vintage chain. Worn here by the Beautiful Robyn Lawley in an inspired forest of bamboo tucked away in the suburbs of sub tropical Sydney.

On Robyn's wrist is the beautiful vintage mother of pearl Moon Dancer Cuff.

Shop Necklaces here :https://ghostandlola.com/collections/necklaces

Shop Cuffs here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/bangles-bracelets-cuffs-brooches

Find Robyn Lawley here : http://robynlawley.com.au/


Arachnophobe alert! Love Spiders Earrings by Ghost and Lola vintage

Love Spiders Earrings by Ghost and Lola for The Australian Museum Sydney

Ok you looked and we warned you!! These gorgeous earrings are part of the commissioned pieces developed for The Australian Museum's Spiders: Alive and Deadly exhibition.

At Ghost and Lola, we dont mind going over to the dark side but only when its done in a glamorous way! These Love Spider Earrings are handmade using gorgeous silver webs, vintage filigree and rosary and stunning black jet crystal hearts. 

Is that a spider in your soup?

You can find our earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings


You can find out more about Australian Museum's Spiders Exhibition here: https://australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/

Crystal Light Earrings by Ghost and Lola feature at Australian Museum

Crystal Light Earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bohemian Luxe Jewellery Artisan

These gorgeous crystal earrings will lighten your darkest mood. We made them for the Australian Museum's Spiders : Alive and Deadly exhibition which is on now until June. The Earrings are handmade using vintage French jet glass cameos with silver frames and silver chain drops of clear quartz. 

You can find our Earrings here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

You can find out more about the exhibition here : https://australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/

Dark Nights Necklace by Ghost and Lola

Dark Nights Necklace by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bohemian Luxe Jewellery

Originally commissioned for the Australian Museum store for their Spiders: Alive and Deadly exhibition, our Dark Nights Necklace is a cautionary tale of dark enamelled Swallows, Silver Gilt Webs, Victorian Mourning Jewellery drops and Vintage Chain. Perfect for all your deadly dark nights!

You can find more necklaces here: https://ghostandlola.com/collections/necklaces

You can find out more about The Australian Museum's show : Spiders Alive and Deadly here : https://australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/


Golden Spider Catcher Cuff at The Australian Museum by ghost and Lola

Spider Catcher Cuff by Ghost and Lola for Australian Museum Vintage Luxe

Our Spider Catcher Cuff is a golden homage to the current exhibition on at The Australian Museum exploring all things spider related. Handmade from finest golden spun web with beautiful black jet vintage cameo on a gorgeous vintage brass cuff adjustable to fit all size wrists. For Arachnid Lovers only!!

You can find our Cuffs here : https://ghostandlola.com/collections/bangles-bracelets-cuffs-brooches

You can find more about The Australian Museum's spider exhibition here : https://australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/

Sparkle and Sword Earrings by Ghost and Lola, Sweet and Fierce at the same time

Sparkles and Swords Earrings by Ghost and Lola Vintage Bohemian Jewellery

These gorgeous vintage beauties catch the light in a most beguiling way, but their sweetness is offset by their swords. Let the world know that you might be sweet, but you are also fierce! Vintage gold foiled jewels from the 30's mounted on gorgeous frames and hung with a golden sword. Perfect for those days when you want to look glamorous but are not willing to take any s#$%t!

Find them here: https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

Its Official : Frida Kahlo loves Ghost and Lola

Ivory Coast Earrings by Ghost and Lola Bohemian Vintage Artisan Jewellery

Or should we say Ghost and Lola loves Frida Kahlo!! We are inspired by this intelligent, creative, funny, fierce woman. By her, by her style, and by her life. She looks on in approval at all smart, creative and  fierce woman who are inspired by her life. We love you Frida! She would certainly approve of our Ivory Coast Earrings. Long dangly vintage milk glass flowers hung from a diamante centred lucite flower.

You can find them here: https://ghostandlola.com/products/ivory-coast-earrings

You can find all of our Earrings here: https://ghostandlola.com/collections/earrings

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